State Senate Election 2020

Vote for Sean Goonan for Massachusetts State Senate on November 3, 2020

The Massachusetts State Legislature is comprised of 160 state representatives in the House, and 40 state senators in the Senate. Along with the governor, they are in charge of state government spending and state laws. I am running for one of those state senator positions against Eric Lesser in the First Hampden and Hampshire district, which is comprised of Granby, Belchertown, Ludlow, Wilbraham, Hampden, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow and parts of Springfield and Chicopee. I am running for office because I have the right ideas to improve people’s lives.

I grew up in Chicopee and graduated from Chicopee High School in 2011. I attended George Washington University for three years, majoring in economics, but I left there in 2014 to pursue farming. I have worked as an apprentice and farmhand on a variety of farms in Maine and Western Mass since then. I also have done substitute teaching for Chicopee Public Schools as well as other odd jobs. I am very involved in political activism and in 2019 I ran for Chicopee City Council-at-Large.

I am a philosopher. I wrote a book titled “The Foundation for Exploration”, where I attempt to explain human nature and expand people’s consciousness, and reveal the destructiveness of modern society and the best way to create society. I hope to become a state senator to enact my ideas that will create a better world. Go to the homepage of my website for more information on my book. I strongly urge you to take the time to read it. It will change your life.

If you are happy with the direction modern society is going, vote for State Senator Eric Lesser–he is leading the charge. Lesser is one of many politicians who are blindly steering civilization in the name of technological, economic, and social “progress”, yet people’s lives continue to be less fulfilling. Depression and alienation are increasing. Our industrial/technological society is accelerating towards self-destruction, and no one in the mainstream establishment wants to acknowledge this.

We need to recognize that the path society is going down is dangerously wrong and change course and develop a society that rejects destructiveness and allows people to be truly free and content with life. Where people have power. This may be your only opportunity to vote for someone who has the understanding of what must be done to create a better society, and the courage to fight against the ingrained political/corporate/industrial establishment in order to create these changes. Here are some of my ideas:

1. I will create a strong and resilient local economy, centered on small-scale businesses.

Politicians continue to push for the expansion of corporate control over the economy. But blindly expanding corporate control will only make us less fulfilled. Small-scale businesses that use small or intermediate technology will continue to be pushed out, and workers will be put out of work and forced to “retrain” (is there anything more emasculating) for these corporations to take advantage of them. The large-scale hyper-connectivity of the economy revolving around corporations also makes the economy incredibly fragile, as we’re seeing with the coronavirus pandemic. We need to be less reliant on big business.

We should NOT build a high-speed train connecting Western Mass and Boston. On the surface it seems like a common sense thing to do. Lesser says over and over again that it will improve the quality of life in wmass by allowing people who live here to easily commute out to Boston to work at higher paying jobs. But what will actually happen is it will bring the problems of Boston to wmass and expand the corporate control of society. Power is centrally located in Boston, and east-west rail will do nothing to change this (connecting wmass with the Boston area will only exacerbate the stronghold Boston has over the economy and political establishment). It will further industrialize wmass. Housing prices will soar and it will force out hardworking people who do not have Boston salaries. It will further integrate the area into the volatile corporate global economy. It will disrupt the social cohesion of our communities. It will irreparably alter the communities of wmass for the worse. Agricultural land will be bought up and converted into more suburban housing sprawl or strip malls. Not to mention, there will be a train cutting through your town at 150 mph. It disrupts the environment and there is a risk for a catastrophic accident to occur. There is no going back after this $25 billion rail is built.

What we need to do instead is regenerate our communities from within, not outside sources. I will fight to bring power to wmass, and the way to do this is to be more self-sufficient as a region. We need to preserve our rural areas and regenerate the region through small-scale business and agrarianism. We should not be motivated by the allure of bigger paychecks from giant corporations, who have destroyed the social cohesiveness of communities in our country. We need to focus on creating a strong self-reliant wmass region, focused on local resources (like farmland and woodland) and local small businesses. We need to create tight-knit agrarian communities. Suburban and urban sprawl must be eliminated. The conservation and expansion of agricultural land is incredibly important, and this is being overlooked. I support expanding the Massachusetts Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program to include farms all the way down to a quarter acre in size, instead of the minimum of five acres to be considered for the program. This program preserves agricultural land. I support initiatives to lower property taxes for farmland and for small businesses. I will fund initiatives that support small businesses, and subsidize new entrepreneurs who have good ideas for their community with very low interest loans. I support creating apprenticeship programs, which is the most common sense and beneficial way to support the economy and the future.

We need to reduce our usage of industrial transportation. We need to totally restructure society away from industrial forms of travel, especially automobiles. People should not be driving for hours alone to get to a job, or taking a train to a job 90 miles away. It is true that a high-speed train would decrease people’s use of automobiles for long distance travel, but in order to improve society we need to decrease long distance travel itself. Contrary to popular belief, we need to decrease regional and global interconnectedness. Regional and global interconnectedness leads to a decrease in quality of life. Community interconnectedness and self-reliance increases quality of life. I envision people walking or biking to their jobs, taking local public bus transportation (the buses can be powered by green energy), working remotely from home, or working at home on their land/small business. Because vehicles cause so much harm and disruption to human life, I support creating laws that would ban car/truck manufacturers from creating vehicles that have the ability to go over a certain speed, say 40 miles per hour, and decrease their acceleration capabilities. I’d also require car manufacturers to make their cars easily repairable, instead of making them increasingly complex and difficult to repair without expensive parts and specialized technicians. If our society is made to be truly agrarian, horses can be used to travel, as well as the horse and buggy. I would create a state-wide speed limit of 25 miles per hour. I will expand funding for creating bike lanes and walking paths. I will decrease funding on road infrastructure, and support projects to remove infrastructure sprawl.

We need to move away from the industrial/corporate model of civilization.

Technology is pushing people out of work, forcing them to give up their skills in order to work a menial job, or be “retrained” in highly specialized work that is soul-destroying, but good for corporate profits. Work is now degrading, and in the modern world, there are fewer and fewer alternatives as things accelerate. There is a manic drive to innovate and speed the world up further, but for what purpose? How about focusing on bringing back small-scale tech and trades and craftsmanship. Focus on strengthening the local economies through small-scale local business and interdependence among people in a community. This is how you truly change the world for the better.

2. I will create a universal basic income system.

Technology and automation are putting people out of work. We must institute a universal basic income system in Massachusetts in order to eliminate unnecessary desperation and create a thriving economy with economic innovation.

All government assistance programs should be consolidated into into a universal basic income system in order to help people with their base sustenance. This means that welfare, unemployment insurance, social security, state pensions, child support payments, and any other allocated payments will be converted into a single universal basic income system. The universal basic income (UBI) would be allocated to people who do not earn any money, all the way up to people who earn a certain amount of money, but not enough to be considered self-reliant. People with no income in a year would be allocated say $12,000, and for every $1,000 that a person earns in a year, they would get $500 less UBI. For example, this means a person with a yearly income of $1,000 would receive $11,500 UBI yearly, a person who earned $10,000 would receive $7,000 UBI, an income of $23,000 would receive $500 UBI, and a person who earned $24,000 would receive no UBI.

This motivates people to contribute to society instead of forcing people to take jobs that are low-paying and degrading, or penalizing people who want to earn money but also need a supplemental boost. A person may sustain themself with the UBI alone, or may choose to take up self-actualizing work that improves their earnings and benefits their community. UBI would be allocated week by week (and scaled that way), so a person with a low level of income who is out of work for a few days can immediately start taking in UBI.

I believe that the rich should be heavily taxed. I also believe that sales tax should be abolished (except for certain items that produce negative externalities), because it only acts as red tape for business owners. The loss in tax revenue would be made up in state income tax, as part of the universal basic income system. UBI can be reported in federal income tax returns. This solves getting double benefits.

3. I will reign in the education “industry” and bring power to the local/family level.

Before I start on my ideas on education, I urge every single person to read these four incredibly important books. They will truly shock you and change your perspective on the education “industry”:

The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto
Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich
Compulsory Mis-education and The Community of Scholars by Paul Goodman

We need to completely change how young people learn about the world and become contributing members of the communities they live in. What needs to happen is communities, comprised of their families, need to be in control of the education of their children. Currently, the modern government-controlled compulsory education system is harmful to every person that has to go through it. Instead of helping develop young people into free-thinking, autonomous, and independent adults, the current education system actively dumbs students down and stifles their independence and desire to understand and appreciate the world. Students are taught to obey authority, are subjected to unnecessary testing and hoops to jump through in order to appease teachers and administrators, and are indoctrinated through the curriculum. Most public school teachers genuinely want to make a difference in students’ lives, but the system they exist in does not allow them to be able to teach in the right way. They are forced to teach to a test and to protocols handed down by out of touch administrators who don’t know what is best for the students, in a stifling politically correct school environment in which teachers and students alike walk on eggshells. The teachers become disillusioned and develop a mindset of working in order to collect a paycheck, and they are becoming more and more greedy. Teachers are also forced to become specialists/technicians in their certain subject fields, in order to dish out their narrow spiel, rather than be dynamic people who are able to guide the students along their intellectual journeys in a comprehensive fashion. Why not have local community leaders/members interact with young people and give them valuable knowledge? Many people have alternative ways of looking at the world compared to a typical teacher. I believe that teacher licensing should be totally done away with, and the requirement to be a teacher should only be two years of college, or on a case by case basis, no college, as opposed to the requirement that teacher’s need to obtain a master’s degree.

School spending must be radically reduced. The modern education system is a money pit that must be stopped. Billions of dollars are funneled into the system and not only wasted, but used to the detriment of students, contrary to the popular belief that the education system is beneficial for society. I will fight to dismantle the Massachusetts Department of (Elementary and Secondary) Education and bring power back to the people/local communities. I support funding alternative schooling and apprenticeship training. I will end all standardized testing and school grading. Education at home is also essential. I will encourage home schooling. I support reducing the amount of time students spend in a school setting. The length of the school day and the number of school days should be reduced.

I have an idea to convert schools into multi-use community centers (school, library, skill learning-center, senior center, community center, cafe, hall), ingrained in their neighborhoods as a place where all people in the local community can come to for events, daily social activities, and learning. School buildings in their current state cut young people off from the surrounding community, and adults in the community are cut off from one another and other generations, and denied important social ties. Senior centers also isolate older people from the rest of the community. It does not make sense to isolate people. The multi-use buildings, which I will call community centers for simplicity, would not be large, they would be numerous (spread out so that people in a neighborhood could walk or bike to them), and not designed around the classroom, but instead would be designed as dynamic social/learning centers. Current school buildings can be remodeled to cut costs. Instead of being forced to sit in compulsory school classes for 6+ hours a day, five days a week, in the community centers children and adults may come and go as they please, when they want to learn or socialize on their own time. There would be free access to books (library), computers, a few people to guide anyone interested in learning a skill or subject matter, and it would facilitate the free exchange of ideas and would allow people to set up apprenticeships outside of the community center. These apprenticeships can be subsidized through the government, instead of paying thousands of teachers high salaries to manipulate uninterested students into thinking their education at school is beneficial/worth it. It might make sense to designate some mandatory days for students to attend, and there is plenty of opportunity for school events for students to all come together for, aside from daily activities.

The modern college system is a scam and needs to be reigned in. Young people are told over and over and over that that they must go to college in order to have a good life, yet this is false, and millions of people become trapped with burdensome debt once they realize that the college to corporate job conveyor belt is not for them. State university tuition rates must be lowered considerably, and the student debt crisis must be addressed. There may need to be government intervention in private tuition rates. State university personnel salaries must be cut, and we need to eliminate unnecessary (and extremely high paying) administrator positions in state universities.

4. I will stop out of control government spending.

I will drastically cut state spending. Government spending has been going unchecked for decades.

I will fight to end all state government pensions, which will save billions of dollars.

I will reduce out of control spending on infrastructure, saving billions.

As I spoke about earlier, I will exponentially lower wasteful spending on education. This will save billions of dollars. Spending on education is absolutely out of control. It needs to be under control and spent in the right way. Drastic education reform is needed.

I will reduce spending on police departments and demilitarize the police.

I will end all unnecessary, wasteful government spending on grants/programs/initiatives that do nothing to truly make people’s lives better in any significant way, or actively reduce the quality of life in the commonwealth. Money is thrown around by the state legislature without care, and without considering the negative effects of the spending.

5. I will reform the criminal justice and legal system.

I will stop out of control criminalization and incarceration. As a legislator I will reduce the severity of punishment for many crimes. We are locking up way too many men for way too long. America has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world. 2.2 million Americans are incarcerated. We need to stop removing men from their families and communities, locking them up and throwing away the key, and expecting this to solve societal problems. The underlying reasons why people commit crimes should be addressed, and this includes alleviating the powerlessness that modern society is inflicting upon people, in all sorts of areas. Men especially are experiencing tremendous powerlessness, and are lashing out in wrath. Masculinity is under attack and is being suppressed. Society needs to be reconstructed altogether in order to allow for the masculine nature to thrive in the right way, and facilitate the necessary power every person needs. The economy needs to be restructured away from the corporate model.

I will fight for police reform and oversight, and defund police departments. The police need to be demilitarized. We need to hold police accountable for any misconduct. Civilian commissions should provide oversight. Police uniforms should be done away with and replaced with professional attire (with a badge visible) in order to break the blue wall and help policemen feel that they are human and a part of the community, not separate. Policemen need to be trained differently. Instead of being trained to view and treat every person as a threat, police should be un-trained and become true members of the community, in order to view every person as a fellow human being and member of the community.

The solution to ending gun violence is not to make guns illegal. Again, a comprehensive approach, fixing society as a whole, is needed to stop the madness and violence.

I will fight to end all injustices against people. This could be in the form of financial injustice, like unnecessary fees from various institutions, or it could be in the form of legal injustice, like the unfair treatment of men in child custody cases.

6. I will address the crisis of men experiencing suffering with no support, failing relations between the sexes, and failing family values.

This is being totally ignored by the government and mainstream media.

7. I will fight against environmental pollution and degradation.

Our current government is doing terribly at combating chemical pollution, which affects human health in horrible ways. As a state senator I will create laws to ban harmful chemicals that leech into the food supply, water supply, and environment. Hormone-disrupting chemicals found in plastics will be banned. Cancer causing chemicals will be banned. I will ban pesticides/herbicides in Massachusetts, and ban the shipment of any produce grown with the use of pesticides or herbicides. I will ban plastic food packaging in Massachusetts and ban many other plastic products. We need to move back to natural materials. If you knew the extent that hormone-disrupting and cancer causing chemicals are damaging the human body, you would be disgusted and outraged.

On top of fighting against environmental pollution, and the pollution of the human body, I will also enact laws to decrease nighttime light pollution. Light pollution is a serious issue that is impacting human health. I have been fighting against light pollution on the local level for the past few years, and Chicopee city councilors have ignored me, and the state government is lacking considerably.

8. I will be a true leader of the people.

I’d like to share this quote by Paul Goodman, a social critic who was popular in the 1960s, from his book Growing Up Absurd:

“Or, since no doubt many people are quite clear about the connection that the structure of society that has become increasingly dominant in our country is disastrous to the growth of excellence and manliness, why don’t more people speak up and say so, and initiate a change? The question is an important one and the answer is, I think, a terrible one: that people are so bemused by the way business and politics are carried on at present, with all their intricate relationships, that they have ceased to be able to imagine alternatives. We seem to have lost our genius for inventing changes to satisfy crying needs.”

I think that our society is sick, and needs a leader who is courageous and will fight against injustice and fight to truly change society for the better. I am that person. So many phoney politicians talk up about how they will do good for people around election season, and do absolutely nothing to make the world a better place when elected. They actively make society worse through their actions and negligence. I truly believe that I can make a difference in the world, and help improve it, because I know what to do, and I have the courage to battle against the ingrained political/ industrial/ corporate establishment, who only act in their own self-interest. I have the ability to address the big picture and local problems simultaneously. The goal of addressing big picture problems is always to enhance local communities. This is YOUR rare opportunity to elect someone who will do what is right. Do not waste this opportunity.